Solutions for Overburdened Parking & Transportation Infrastructure
Over time, as populations increase and cities grow, much greater demand is placed on transportation and parking infrastructures.

Integrated Parking Solutions recognizes the significant role that parking plays in urban mobility, its cost to the environment, and its economic impact.

We believe the future of parking is a fully integrated parking and transportation solution.

Real-time Data Delivered Where It Is Needed
Wireless vehicle sensors designed for parking applications now play the novel role of providing a new dimension of data for traffic modeling programs.

By bridging the technology gap with our intelligent parking systems, Integrated Parking Solutions is reshaping the parking industry. We are the leading authority on wireless parking and data communications technologies.

Innovation Technologies and Affordable Solutions
Integrated Parking Solutions is in the business of delivering just-in-time information systems that add real value to your parking operation. Talk to us today about your current parking assets and program. Let us develop an innovative solution that exceeds your expectations and meets the needs of your growing population.

Contact us about your requirements and we will develop an easy-to-follow upgrade and implementation plan. Integrated Parking Solutions is the only fully integrated parking system designed to improve both infrastructure and revenues.

Learn more about out Integrated Product Suite.