The Intelligent Parking Management & Enforcement Solution

Integrated Parking Solutions has dramatically changed the parking industry by packaging the most inventive software technology together to offer the most intelligent parking management and enforcement software available. IntegratorPro.

IntegratorPro is Integrated Parking Solutions’ Parking and Management software. This powerful piece of software is capable of providing the most reliable, timely parking data available in the industry today.

Built on a relational database foundation, IntegratorPro is the most advanced, industry-compatible technology and is capable of automating all functions required by parking management.

Designed specifically for parking applications, IntegratorPro’s expandable ODBC multi-user system provides parking professionals with reliable, detailed information exactly where it’s needed.

IntegratorPro’s Parking Management Software
This state-of-the art software manages and compiles data to provide information in a meaningful format. It is based on a number of self-sustaining software modules that give you the flexibility to choose the functions needed for your operation. No matter which modules you select, a relational database is the foundation of all IntegratorPro software modules. By building the solution using a single database, you are assured that data errors are minimized, storage space is reduced, and information is more easily accessed. It is not necessary to use handheld data terminals to make full use of the Management Software as tickets may also be manually keyed through a batch entry process.

Available Modules:

IntegratorPro’s Parking Management Software is a user-friendly menu-driven application that consists of the following modules:

Ticket Issuance - Ticket Issuance allows you to allocate ticket books to officers and controls the flow of tickets. Tickets can be manually entered into the system or transferred automatically from the handheld data terminal. Extensive reporting capabilities are also included.

Handheld Integration - Handheld integration facilitates the transfer of information to and from the handheld data terminals and controls handheld master files and scofflaw creation.

Payments - This module controls all payments including mail-in or over-the-counter transactions. User defined charge types allow payment of virtually anything during the entry process. The Ticket Notice Process is included to allow automatic generation of overdue notices.

Appeals - The Appeals module suspends a ticket during a court or internal appeal process and can also generate court calendars, dockets, and appearance and decision notices.

Import/Export - The Import/Export module allows integration with outside agencies such as Collection companies, DMV, or internal mainframe systems.

Field Activity - The Field Activity module helps keep track of the various activities a field agent (officer) does on a daily basis and includes time management reporting.

Main Screen when you enter the application.

Ticket Inquiry Screen – Lists all tickets according to your selected Sequence/

Detail Screen
– Showing information from a specific selected ticket.

Appeal Screen
Fill this out to put a ticket on appeal or void a ticket.

Permit Screen
Fill this out to assign a permit.