Integrated Parking Solutions offers complete customer support with our full-scale maintenance packages proving we are 100% committed to our customerís complete satisfaction. Customer satisfaction is essential to the ongoing success of our company and providing timely, friendly, and effective customer support is essential to our growth. Our knowledgeable service staff is available to provide support via our toll-free hotline.

In addition to our guaranteed commitment to our customerís overall satisfaction, Integrated Parking Solutions offers:

Software Maintenance Program
Integrated Parking Solutionsí software maintenance program comes complete with the following standard support features:

  • Development, maintenance and upgrading of all software using Object Oriented programming tools.
  • Customer involvement in suggesting new software upgrade features and annual voting rights in our development plan for new features Annual software release updates.
  • Remote support via modem.
  • Toll-free hotline support.

Hardware Maintenance Program
Integrated Parking Solutions offers several maintenance options for all our handheld data terminals customers:

  • An extended maintenance plan is available from Integrated Parking Solutions, following the expiration of the manufacturerís 1-year warranty.
  • Toll-free hotline support for handheld issues.
  • Annual software release updates.