Parking Enforcement
Handheld Software

MApp Parking Enforcement Solution and Handheld Field Equipment move technology to the front lines of your parking operation and into the hands of your enforcement officers.

The Parking Enforcement Software was engineered with the goal of offering customers maximum flexibility by incorporating the following features:

  • User definable ticket issuance sequence. You decide how data is entered on a ticket.
  • Review screens to allow an officer to review and edit a ticket prior to printing.
  • All program menu choices such as streets, vehicle colors, vehicle type, remarks etc. are user definable.
  • Multiple citations for a single vehicle can easily be created without re-entering vehicle information.
  • The ability to read 1D and 2D barcode registration stickers or permits.
  • Locations automatically defaulted based on a Meter Number.
  • Capable of receiving real-time notification of vehicles parked at expired meters or in over-time conditions (when used with our vehicle sensing technology).
  • Capable of querying other databases in the field when used in wireless mode.
  • Available as batch or wireless.

MApp handheld software is a user-friendly, menu-driven application that consists of the following functions:

Ticket Entry Process Ticket Entry prompts the officer through the citation issuance process and runs an automatic scofflaw search on all license plates or permits entered. The officer also has the ability to add additional location descriptions, external and internal comments and issue multiple citations without re-entering vehicle information. As an option, the software has the ability to DIGITALLY SIGN a ticket record to ensure the information collected will remain secure.

Ticket Review This feature allows the officer to view previously printed and saved citations, and to reprint the corrected citation. Your officer will not be able to void citations in the field with this feature unless authorized to do so by the system operator.

Scofflaw Search The Scofflaw Search feature allows the officer to do on-street searches of vehicles independent of the ticket entry process.

Timed Parking Timed Parking enables the officer to track multiple vehicles in timed parking zones and accurately detect when a violation has occurred.

Problem Reporting Information entered by an officer regarding broken equipment can be used to provide repair reports. These report scan be used to: identify high incidents of vandalism, to assist in the appeals process, and to generate work orders.

MApp, when used with wireless vehicle sensing modules, is capable of receiving real-time events and parking space status. This gives enforcement officers the advantage of knowing what is happening in their zone.