At Integrated Parking Solutions, we know effective training is as valuable to our customer as the parking system itself. That is why we are dedicated to providing the kind of vital training that is adaptable to your operation. Proper training means your employees will be much more productive, faster and will be open and receptive to the new system.

Integrated Parking Solutions employs a combination of techniques to promote rapid and comprehensive learning as part of a training program including:

  • Classroom instruction.
  • Hands-on practice.
  • Video instruction.
  • Post training evaluations.

Our flexible training program takes into consideration all levels of computer literacy. From an agent who has never touched a computer, to an administrator who has used a PC for years, Integrated Parking Solutions can develop a training program to fit your specific needs.

Some key factors we have learned over the years providing training to Parking Professionals:

  • Start with the basics keep things simple!
  • Changing business processes also means changing mindsets.
  • Change is always met with some resistance, so management must be involved and show commitment.
  • Add Additional Functionality after 12-24 months.
  • Successful implementation requires good project management.
  • Timely support after installation is essential.

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